The Secret Connection Behind Wilbur Soot’s Music… (2024)


The Secret Connection behind Wilbur Soot’s Music…(I figured out who JARED IS)

Wilbur Soot's music - from things like Your New Boyfriend and I'm In Love With An E-Girl, to Karen, Please and The Nice Guy Ballad actually has LORE - one story that links everything together - and that could tell us the REAL identity of the most mysterious character of those songs: Jared.

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Okay, but who is jared no seriously, there's.

A reason behind me asking this question, you see there's one universe that combines literally everywhere.

So one that's, an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, which I know makes me sound crazy at first.

But this video is absolutely insane, especially since these songs are comedy songs.

So consider subscribing since I make stuff like this, all the time there's even more questions that the wilbur comedy song universe raises though like, for example, in this life, how did the singer of this song who we know to be at least an extremely creepy? Stalker type fan somehow get on a telephone call with the streamer who he knows parasocially in your new boyfriend.

There is absolutely no way that a random viewer just calls a streamer that big.

They don't have their number.

They don't know them in real life, especially not regularly enough for it to be their favorite place when they telephone call them, no there's, something more fishy and much more deep going on here read this for the patients.

And you see there were multiple lines from different songs that linked together to form a fairly cohesive.

Narrative and central to this narrative is one of our main two characters who I'm going to call william to differentiate from wilbur, who is the character that wilbur portrayed in these videos, the character is quite hard to actually figure out the backstory of the part.

In fact that the stupidity that is this scene from your new boyfriend is a crucial piece of evidence to his backstory.

Sometimes I wonder why I analyzed these things anyway with this in mind.

I went through the intel trilogy consisting of these three songs, because surely there was evidence of this mysterious jared and his true personality in there somewhere right and sure enough, there was the public episode.

We need to go through william's backstory.

The first two songs we see from william are, I am very smart and then later, the nice guy valid in which we learn that william was born.

Basically a child prodigy into a rich family, acing all his tests with next to no work or studying.

But this leads to his work ethic, which is usually developed by these tests being absolutely terrible and causing him to start to struggle more as he grows up it's around this time that william starts using social media more and more as we can see later.

And he meets another very important part of his storyline, the eagle who we're gonna be calling pandora.

Now the reason for this name is because of this edit in the your new boyfriend, music video from which you can see that pandora braithwaite is their full name, and they respond to william while describing jared as quote, pretty fine we'll, talk more about pandora later.

But this is where this line comes from remember this because it becomes really important later, life, isn't, quite what I thought I'd be when I was a kid on voip.

So we know that william is on social media around this time.

But the real descent into the disturbing story of this character begins with the night sky ballad in which we see that william who was previously rejected by his classmates.

During I am very smart because of his egotistical nature has very severe and dramatic emotional ups and downs with very little restraint on how he takes it out on those around him, which leads to him getting rejected by the girl.

He likes sarah multiple times.

So quick recap in case, you couldn't, keep up.

We have william who was extremely smart and born into a rich family.

But who has very low work ethic as well as being a general [ __ ] to nearly everyone around him leading to him getting rejected by almost everyone in his real life.

We also have pandora who's, the eager of this saga who has only interacted with william a little bit on voip, the instant messaging service of days of old the last song, the in-cell trilogy, however, is where this theory gets blown wide open.

You see throughout the series.

And this is a recurring theme.

William is always pretty wealthy first from his father, then from his job.

In addition to the familiar support, and he has the money to splurge on twitch donations without a second thought that is when we hear this line from karen please can you blame me? I'm quite poor.

This line tells us one thing.

One thing alone.

This isn't, william no.

This is someone else someone else who's linked to the story.

You know, the disturbing and genuinely the most creepy backstory of this entire saga who's.

This you ask well, dear viewer here's a secret.

This is jared if you enjoyed the video so far, please consider subscribing.

And let me explain there's an entire storyline for this and it's, incredibly interesting you're, not going to want to miss it.

Jared is approximately 10 years older than william.

And the first we find out about him is from the song, karen please in which you learn that he's, well, nothing short of a psychopath.

He was married to someone named karen.

And then the couple then split for reasons unknown, though I'm willing to wager that was because karen saw jared's real psychopathic nature.

This leads to jared spiraling further and further downwards in the mental health sphere, trying to get karen's attention and affection back then in trying to relate to his kids more and specifically his son, he starts watching twitch streamers.

So he can understand what they enjoy in hopes of them being able to relate him through these mediums.

This doesn't work.

But jared keeps watching twitchy spirals further.

Eventually, culminating in jared, murdering, karen's, father in cold blood to try and get her attention.

This of course, leads to the exact opposite of what jared is trying to get to happen, which is karen completely cutting all ties with them and moving away from jared with their kids leading to jared creating the song, karen please in the canonical universe as a last resort to try and get karen's attention again.

But this isn't where it ends now let's go back to william the last we saw of him.

He was just entering college and had been shunned by all of his classmates and his loving for sarah, which is basically everyone in the real world.

Essentially this leads to william who is once used to relying on his once golden and now, declining grades and intellectual prowess for stability, looking to the internet for comfort, where once again, he finds our eagle pandora who makes him feel much more accepted and included than anyone in real life did only furthering the positive mental association that william has with her.

This continues till william's only escape is being online with pandora.

And as a coping mechanism, he starts to become more and more obsessed with her associating everything positive in his life with her.

They discuss their dreams.

Both of theirs are to be full-time content creators or streamers as is hinted by this line from your new boyfriend.

And as you'd expect william is 17 at this point.

This is around the time when I'm in love with an eagle is made though it's a little hazy when exactly that's made in the timeline, particularly in the summer holidays before college starts also really mentally stable.

I'm gonna kill myself, despite his previous brilliance, william barely coasts through college, going on extravagant trips and making scenes like the infamous disney world.

One referenced in your new boyfriend.

Now this part is gonna be super speculative, even for me and that's.

Because this is my theory as to what exactly the disney world thing was pandora.

Williams eagle remember was doing an irl stream from disney world, which sounds fun right? And william ends up causing a scene there, because he tries to meet pandora despite his restraining order, which meant the disney world banned him from the premises something no man could do as well as I can something that shouldn't be for free.


After this the scene, I mentioned at the start of the video becomes important.

William manages to land, a dead end, nine to five where he works for the rest of the series, but here's the interesting bit, although we know that william got through college, I think the job he ended up landing, wasn't, a dead end job in middle management, or something.

No, no.

Look at the props.

William uses in this video, a spray bottle tissues, a fire hydrant, a stool, nothing like a pen, a paper, no clipboards nothing that would suggest a normal middle management job.

I think william landed a job as a janitor in the office.

And since he's used to privilege since he's used to being quote, unquote above other people, this job hurts his ego because he's used to looking down on people with jobs.

He sees as lesser all the while online.

He feels entitled for one reason or another to having his feelings reciprocated because he's a nice guy as we saw from before, because he deserves more a feeling only accentuated by his job in real life and his previous experience with entitlement.

And he slowly descends further into mental instability.

He manages to talk to pandora in dms fairly regularly.

Despite his creepy behavior.

This obsession, slowly grows larger and larger until she has to file a restraining order on him because his stalking escalated to that extent.

Now you'll jared gets no response from karen.

He gets more and more interested in twitch, which he had gotten addicted to after starting to watch it relate to his now estranged.

Kids, remember eventually finding a female streamer who we know as pandora.

And as is his nature, starting to manipulate her into a relationship with him a way for jared at least to fill the void that karen moving away created for him in terms of attention it's important to remember here that jared is a literal or well as far as school is concerned psychopath, having murdered karen's father in an effort to get attention, timescape ahead, a few years.

And finally, jared manages to manipulate pandora into a relationship with himself, disguising, his sociopathic tendencies and nature with other skills, such as his ability to play guitar, which we could seem used to similar effecting, karen please video and his physical appearance, which he considers a paramount importance pandora who now thanks to being in this relationship has a social life of some sort starts streaming less.

And this is seen to have affected william dramatically in your new boyfriend as you can see from the line.

One who took you away from me this plus the fact that during I'm in love with an eagle, we learned that pandora has a restraining order served against william due to his obsessive and store-like nature leads to william stalking.

Jared in an effort to get closer to pandora.

And this is why william mentions her telephone calls being his favorite place, only after jared and pandora get together notice how they aren't mentioned at all as telephone calls in any of the previous songs instead being the more online and therefore more plausible, discord calls william is happiest when he's listening in on pandora through her phone calls with jared he's obsessed with pandora and stalks jared to get closer to her and the mere thrill of feeling closer to pandora by listening in on a private phone, call makes his stalking.

What people would normally feel at least a tad guilty or bad about william's favorite place is also why william dreams of jared's physique and nature despite not being well gay because he can't stop thinking about the times he gets to listen to pandora.

This is the reason that in the your new boyfriend video that william never actually plays the guitar in.

I am very smart.

We see that, although william knows how to play the guitar, he has an extremely diminished work ethic and therefore likely never practiced guitar after he was no longer forced to do so meaning that by the time, your new boyfriend rolls around he's, only miming playing the atari in a way that you'd need to play the guitar to know how to do without actually producing sounds that is having your fingers on the right frets, but not strumming properly.

The reason he's doing that is because of jared's ability to play the guitar and seeing that jared has impressed pandora in the past with this skill of his.

Now this point does have some caveats because we can see william faking playing guitar and I'm in love with an e-girl as well.

But I say, the reason for this is that by the time eager has come out.

William has found out about jarrod's ability to play guitar.

And so on because it's publicly available, but isn't stalking him in person.

Yet, we then time skip ahead to the last song of the series internet ruined me by this time.

William has realized that he has a problem that his addiction to twitch and social media has completely consumed him and destroyed.

What was at least at the start of I'm, very smart, a promising if not good life.

This is the first song where william is finally singing from the heart, not to a woman of any kind.

And this is visible in the harmonies of the song, but he's much more vulnerable in the song.

And we can see this from that he's, very clearly, mentally unstable and blames, the internet for his spiral singing to us at the internet that social media ruined him ruined william forever.


The Secret Connection Behind Wilbur Soot’s Music… (2024)


What is the meaning behind your city gave me asthma? ›

Wilbur has stated: "This is a song about how much I've come to dislike living in London. Since moving there I managed to get this horrid phlegmy cough for 2 years straight, doctor's confirmed it was pollution caused. Later on I started to exhibit signs of asthma.

Who inspired Wilbur Soot to make music? ›

Wilbur has stated that "The "Nice Guy" Ballad", lyrically, is one of his best songs. Bo Burnham inspired much of Wilbur's work, especially his earlier parody songs. Wilbur also enjoys Jonathan Coulton and Los Campesinos.

What band was Wilbur in? ›

Image of What band was Wilbur in?
Lovejoy are an indie rock band formed in Brighton, England in 2021. The band consists of William Gold as lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Joe Goldsmith as lead guitarist, Mark Boardman as drummer, and Ash Kabosu as bassist, with all four also sharing in songwriting.

What does my asthma mean? ›

Asthma is a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and may produce extra mucus. This can make breathing difficult and trigger coughing, a whistling sound (wheezing) when you breathe out and shortness of breath.

How is asthma caught? ›

The most common factors for developing asthma are having a parent with asthma, having a severe respiratory infection as a child, having an allergic condition, or being exposed to certain chemical irritants or industrial dusts in the workplace.

How old is Wilbur Soot canonically? ›

Token Adult: Canonically, Wilbur was a little over 30 years old during the L'Manberg Revolution, making him the only soldier over the age of 23 during the original war, on both sides of the conflict... assuming the majority of the characters are the same age as the content creator counterparts.

Does Wilbur Soot have a pet in real life? ›

No Pets (Wilbur Soot)

How many fans does Lovejoy have? ›

Formed during the final days of the pandemic by lead singer Wilbur Soot — a well-known Twitch streamer — with friends from Brighton Beach, England, Lovejoy has amassed nearly 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and built a steady following here in the U.S.

Who inspired Lovejoy? ›

The band members characterize Lovejoy as British indie. While writing their EPs, they were inspired by other rock bands, such as Arctic Monkeys and Two Door Cinema Club.

What instruments does Lovejoy use? ›

Not to say Lovejoy's songs have no deeper meanings, but with the heavy guitar and vocals backed by bass and complex drums, their sound as an indie rock band definitely comes as a welcomed surprise.

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Your City Gave Me Asthma - Album by Wilbur Soot | Spotify.

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