The Common grounds Coffee Crime (2023)


Join Detective Kain and Detective Sheppard as they try to figure out who robbed the Common Grounds Coffee shop. Although, they have no clues to lead them anywhere. How will they do it? Who will they need to help them? And who robbed the place?!
Edited 👇
Written 👇
By Xander Gossage and Bailey Kerns

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Common Grounds location
633 Main St
Russell Springs, KY 42642
United States


So shepherd what exactly happened here.

Well yesterday morning, there was an armed robbery.

Uh, the police officer who crushed in the cashier told him about the perpetrator, who was a male around club, eight or nine.

We were in all black and had a small handgun.

Are there any cameras around here? No the shop or any others around have any surveillance cameras.

And the traffic lights were damaged during the storm a few days per hour.

So no traffic surveillance dang.

Why can't this job be easy? Okay, let's search for clues and we'll go from there.

Okay? Anything.

I don't.

See anything let's.

Go around these edges.

My name is is anything shepherd no I'm, not commenting anything.

How are we supposed to figure out who did this? If we ain't got no clue to who did? I don't know what the cheap caught us in on this one we're, the best detectives in the state, if we can't figure this out, nobody can uh, hold on.

I think I know two local, scientists might be able to help us out on this.




This is detective kane with the mbpd, uh, what no you don't have a warrant for your arrest.


When we need you done at an active crime scene down at the common grounds coffee shop.

Okay, yeah.


See you in bye? Ah, are you? Uh, michael and johnny.

The one and only, oh, well, I figured two scientists would look more well like, um, more like scientists, hey, don't, get cocky with me.

You'd be surprised at the places.

We've been the things we've seen, hey, don't, talk to my partner that way.

Mr brown sorry about my partner.

He has a bit of a tamper, but how can we help? You find gentlemen today? Well, we had an armed armory here and there's, quite literally nothing to go off of.

We was hoping you could assist us with one of your inventions.

Uh, we do have something that might be able to help you.

Even if that doesn't work, we have a plethora of equipment that could provide you guys, some more clues, great, well, we're going to go on break and leave you too.

So you can do your job.

What is that exactly? Oh, this is like a pair of goggles that uses two light rays to find anything that's left behind like dirt.

You know, things from like your shoes, the oils from your fingers, you find fingerprints all that kind of stuff so we're going to do that outline the footprints that way they can see something out and leave them somewhere else.

Okay? Well get to work I'm going to chill over there.


Johnny come here.

I'll call the detectives right away.

Hopefully we helped we had to leave.

We were running out of time.

I'm, not going johnny looks like we found our first clue.


Now we gotta find who wears a sazna shoe.

We need to find out who comes in here, almost regularly.

The person who did this must have been planning to hit it at such a convenient time.

I'll, pull the cashier for an interview see.

If I can get good idea, I'll get some pics of the evidence and see if I can get an idea of where they were in the shop.

Excuse me, uh, can I ask you a few questions? Uh, sure all right, um, who are the regular customers opening there's, a few regulars that come in almost every day? Okay? Well can I get their names? Please, yeah, there is uh.

Alan gasser and uh, I believe pablo lopez and I believe that's it all right that should do it? Thank you.

Oh hey.



In all honesty.

I believe it's alan austin, he comes in here almost every day, and he acts quite strange I'll.

Keep that mom.

Thank you.

No problem.

Hey, I reviewed the cashier found out who the regulars are look what I found alan gosser all right.

Let's track him down and we'll get a question.


Good are you alan gosser? Yes, sir and flush.


Can we talk to you for a sec? It concerns a robbery at a coffee shop down on main street? Oh there's a robbery there.

Yes, the cashier told us you were a regular customer and uh, we'd like to ask you a few questions.

So, uh, what kind of shoe do you wear? Um our size nines.

So where were you friday? July, the 15th? Well, I went down to the hardware store to pick up some screws and went right back home to build a shelf all right.

Mr, goffstein enough for the questions, but uh, could you give us your phone? Number in case, we have any more questions.

Yes, sir.

So you took the lead on this one, uh, um, no wobbly.


Oh, yeah.

I speak english.

Oh great.

We're detectives with the mbpd.

Um, can we ask you a few questions pertaining to a robbery? Oh yeah, sure, okay, where were you on the evening of friday? July 15th, oh, well, I was at work.

I work on weekdays from eight to four.


Can I ask what shoe shots? Do you wear? Um, nine and a half.

I think, uh, can we have a phone number? Just in case we need to contact you.

Thank you.

Mr lopez.

There are no further questions, we'll be on our way.

Thank you.

So I think it's.

Mr gosser, what makes you say that do you see the way he kind of acted like he didn't know about the robbery I'm, not too sure if it is him, but we do have enough evidence now to arrest him.

We'd have to get a search warrant.

You know to look for the gun and any other evidence he may have with him, but I think it is him.

I didn't notice that he did have some nice and expensive things all right gentlemen, here's your rc, ghostbuster, special and you're kind of involved.

Thank you.

Thank you sir as I'm saying, but I did notice that he did have some nice and expensive things.

He didn't seem too convincing when we told him that was a robbery there.

It sounded kind of like he was lying all right? Hey, yeah.

Mr joshua can we talk? Uh, yes, sir mr, garcia, you're under arrest for the robbery of the common grounds coffee shop.

Okay, hold on.

You got the wrong guy.

Hold on.

We do this all the time you got the wrong guy, it's, not gonna help you.

You got the wrong guy.

I was framed frank got the wrong guy, tell it to the judge uh, mr gospel.

It was kind of obvious that you lied about not knowing that there was a robbery.

And also the amount of newly expensive things.

You've recently got did not set your case any better.

So same for the judge.

I felt the wrong guy.

I was framed.

I was afraid.

Yeah, I think we found the handgun that helen used during the robbery when we got that search one, but there's, no guarantee that's.

The one he used during the robbery.

We got him.

Oh really, yeah.

It was difficult there wasn't much to go off of.

But we got him how'd.

You get it.

Well, it was kind of difficult, especially since we had much to go off besides the shoe let's even size up, oh, you're under arrest for the crime.


You do.

It was.

I get paid enough what's up when I was called you guys to try to cover it up well, because of you and it's, the man's in jail, right now you can have something like this under our nose forever.

Well, I almost got away with it didn't, I you weren't close enough.



Did you start something yet shepard? Not yet, oh, my gosh, it's.

Our cash.

Look at that talk to a judge let's go, hey, hey, you.


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Meet our wonderful owners, Blake & Kimberly Batson.

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With a median home price of $569,779 and a median rent of $1,032, West Waco is the most expensive neighborhood on our list. Based on the growth in home prices in West Waco over the last 3 years, it ranks No. 1 among all the neighborhoods in Waco.

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The couple's local businesses include Magnolia Home, Magnolia Realty, and Magnolia Market, Magnolia Seed & Supply, and Silos Baking Co., The Little Shop on Bosque, Magnolia Press, Magnolia Seed + Supply, The Shops at the Silos, and several vacation rental properties.

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Magnolia Market and its famous landmark silos occupy two city blocks in downtown Waco. Owned by HGTV “Fixer Upper” stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, the store offers items in Joanna's unique style. Admission to the complex is free.

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The grounds opened to the public in October, 2015. The complex is owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines, TV personalities best known for HGTV's Fixer Upper TV series. The Gaineses completely transformed the Waco landmark, which helped to change the city as well as many surrounding areas.

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In the late 1800s, Morrison called Waco home, where he built his stunning home in 1885. More than 100 years later, the home was renovated by Christian rock singer David Crowder who sold it to its current owner Jed Cole.

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