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You hear me, yes, hey, hi, hey, Trisha, hey, mix who are you in the call with right now? Who's who's here in the call, just some friends of mine, just some friends of yours, okay? And their names are Nicky and Wilbur have you ever met them before I think I might have heard of them.

Oh, I actually have me once you know, so how are you nice to meet you nice to meet you Wilbur? So I think I think I think I've seen you around on Twitter you'll, call it the end.

Yeah, yeah.

A couple hundred thousand followers.

Oh, oh really Wow.

Just to flirt with him over just asking that's, just such a such an old name.

Now ming's, please get off it.

I mean, I had a hot pocket today.

Did you? Well actually is one of those I've never actually had one umm it's like bread, but there's it's like meat and cheese in the middle that's, something you put it in the microwave.

And then you just kind of eat it once it comes out so does it like just if you took a piece or a lot of folded it over yeah, kind of kind of but it's like completely encased in the bread I say, is it like Italian? Oh, oh, no, no, no it's it's.

Why are you [ __ ] talking like that? Why are you [ __ ] making your voices, Lord and raspberry because you're talking about [, __, ], hot pocket, I mean, it savory treats the kind of little price on what we saw pricing to be looking out for hope all goes wrong.

I mean, I mean, it's, just a couple dollars.

You just fall down trees around really well, the freeze.

So you have to defrost them let you drop them in after you defrosted, you just pop Australian microwave when you put it in for like two minutes in anything, you've got a delicious.

Salty, treat.



Salty, oh yeah, get the one with the pretzel, the pretzel bread, then then you've got some salt around the outside.

And you can okay, it's, not, oh and I.

Obviously put it in your mouth and taste the salt? Yeah, we don't have those in the UK.

We don't know, there's some cheese and some meat in there, many different flavors, but I like I, like the the pretzel one, the most definitely well that's.

The one you just telling into a pretzel, the pretzel bread.

Yeah, right.

I need to see Pat.

You got him.

Good like 15, 16 bytes we're at the end all right I'm.

So the quite big hungry, you know, you could pop both from the microwave stop it's.

Getting worse, like, you know, could get worse, but it's getting worse.

The tone is getting she ever get the issue.

Do you ever get the issue? Where like if you put if you like two of them in the microwave and the microwave table starts to turn.

They can't like caught on the edges of the microwave because you, oh, yeah, they definitely they definitely.


They definitely do get caught sometimes.

But on, you know, I mean, the biggest problem if you're putting two and at the same time is that you know that it won't cook them through so yellowy, Center and I mean, that's when you're talking about hot pockets, you really want to avoid that ruin mine, usually what happy with us I'd put the first one in my tonight, you I need it.

And then when I'm, you know, like seventy five, eighty five percent completely first, hot, [, __, ], I bought the second one in and it's like, you know, because if you put them both in at the same time, they're gonna get worse, it's, more it's, [, __, ], dad ass, more I have to listen for good.

Three seconds.

Second one's gonna be cold, then that's just gonna be eating.

You know, you're gonna have to put it in the microwave person.

Oh, you've got a battle plan.

You've got a power plan for this I got you really appreciate that and culinary expose you with a lot of thought into it.

Yeah, yeah.

I mean, I think goes to show and it's, not it's, not being ignored, um, that's.


You how'd, you meet minx.

Then anyway, um.

Well, let's talk about hot pockets for a bit more.

If my the least favorite flavors, gotta be the ham and cheese one, oh, that does sound awful actually, yeah.

Well, I mean, the problem I have it is that the ham is just not tasty.

Oh I.


Choose the cheese.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, he I mean, the bread is kind of Horace what's, rather than like I'm getting for awhile that she starts to seep out of it.

So once you pull it out of the microwave I left with just a cheesy mess, it's just sabi disgusting.

I was like.


You could party because well, you've cut different frozen so I'm, giving it.

Yeah, of course, and I've said, this I mean, I'll say this, again and again, time and time again, Wilbur, but mm-hmm.

The best one is the pretzel bread, hot pocket right, I'm.

So I'm gonna getting Oh like Hawaiian vibe when you say that ham and cheese, right? What can I say a bit, but I bet, the dreadful question because I can't seem to imagine this, but would it be possible to have a behind Apple? They stopped, oh, you know, I wouldn't be interested.

If there was so I couldn't really tell you I mean, fair enough, we have it, but you know that Publix near me, you know, mostly just ham and cheese and the pretzel bread once so it's one or the other, you know, it's, it's, hot, it's cold and so I, take the one that that I enjoy the most so that's fair enough, I mean, yeah, especially during a quarantine like this.

You gotta take one out and get, you know, you really do and I mean, the store says, you know, all that all the employees go up to me and they're like shellac, I mean, stop with the hot pocket.

Hey, come up to me.

They come up to me while I'm in the freezer aisle.

And they say, Schleich, you know, it's limit to our hunt.

Oh, oh, no night and I.

Look at them in the eyes and I say, hey, listen, buddy, you make $9 an hour.

If you come over, not me I'm getting these hot pockets, I'm just gonna breathe on you.

Well, I mean, that would send anyone away I mean, I would send anybody away.

You know, I'm the one who makes that little amount of money it's gonna talk to me like he's a body.

Okay, no see, I'm.

The big man exactly.

And so I just take his money in my pocket.

This I like and I, you know, I paid for it with my business, MasterCard and I walk away and pop it in the microwave for two minutes.

And then I'm left with a salty outside and savory inside here's the thing.

And then in the knobs, you've eaten them as a power-play.

You go straight back.

You go straight back to the Publix, and you go straight back, and you grab another more than two.

You grab another four, five, restocked it, because they restocked and it's at this point, where the employees start to get a little antsy, you know, they're telling shifts, but I always just I stick to my guns and I say, listen, buddy, I'm gonna breathe on you force me me.

Why do they do they've time? They know they do.

They want a polyp that are they trying to do.

They push you on now I, don't know, if they know that you're trying to get my breath on them, or you want to fight what if I have aronia, you know, it's too big of a chance, I mean, what if they're not able to come in for their $9, an hour would mean? No, I mean, it would be pure chaos.

Yeah, yeah.

Just know, the, however, all pockets.

Not what I think you know, you know, maybe it's worth to get three bills for $9 an hour.

If you like saving someone's life, overall I'd say, you got the cardboard box that the hot pockets cover.

They come to the ball because that's that's a new development.


Reading was an expense.

I mean, get this buddy every holiday it individually wrapped individually wrap each one see now I can imagine that increases waist, but it really, but it really increases preservation quality really Morris is the preservation quality of the product I couldn't have said, it better myself, Oliver, I mean, you take one of these out comes with a nice card.

Did you guys know that if you have a bride because it's branding, that's that's, pretty small marketing technique, because then other companies will want to use that phrase they can't because hotdog gets probably trademarked it to a certain extent.

So nobody asked you call it a Christmas angel, no, no I don't like this.

The freshest, basically, this is the phrase crisping sleeve is gonna be used color could lead to speak to about any catalyst.

You know, any sort of like cooking catalyst.

So people are gonna start using that that was similar to a verb that people are gonna start using that.

And then companies are gonna start having to either change the title or use it as well and pay the licensing fee.

So really it's a win-win for business I like into the second, most profitable business side of our pockets business franchise is the licensing of the term I don't, I, don't, I, find that our incredible light, it's, absolutely incredible and I mean, I don't like to leave after walking I walk into that Publix.

Everything did you guys know that if you have Amazon Prime because free twitch prime Sun, what yeah, it's like love, you minx I walk out, you know, usually they charge you they charge you for plastic bags.

They charge me.


Why do you have buddy? If you don't give me that bag for free and I start breathing on you? Do you have a GF self-service checkouts and and the United States, oh yeah, we do we do.

Yeah, Julie that was termite dominance.

So I mean, mm-hmm, I think that imperfectly, preferably the way to the way to really say you Thomas, you may even want to double back, never like don't.

Maybe one phenomenon that kind of yeah, that's exactly what I've thought about it.

But I mean, at the same time, Wilbur there's something so much more potent about asserting your dominance in front of a real person right? If they Rock showing it in front of it in front of it's, the rush that you might get called that's the bit that does it for me that's.

What gets my trunk I don't like the word when you get the whole Pakistan what's that what's that typically a mom rather hungry as I get home from the Publix? No, no I don't.

You mean, mansae, yeah, no I get you skipped the sitting period and you just go straight into chow down on that boiling, oh, yeah.

Well, I'm, not really in the business of burning my mouth because it's, just, you know, how am I going to enjoy life? Man, a couple bites in I am.

Now at the point where I cannot start unwrapping, the crisping slave, there's, there's, two sections to the crisping asleep there's, a longer version and a short version.

So you tear the first part off of the crispy will even know you're left with a slightly smaller Scouter crisping asleep that exposes more of the warm as well I like to hit that it's good.

So it's, almost like disrobing, the hot pocket, which is so potent.

So that you're left with more of the hot pocket to chow down on it.

And so that someone usually do this is relying on the crisping sleeves don't, getting soggy through the through the to cross number things.

They've never get soggy.

It never gets soggy.

I mean, at least of you, if you have the the pretzel bread, hot pocket I never had that good.


So with the cheese, one what's great about it is that the crisping sleeve allows the hot pocket to stand in love words and so God that means gravity, well ever that means a [ __, ].

Listen to me here.

Yeah, it means gravity affects the meat.

The cheese inside the hot pocket it's, the hot pocket gets more and more delicious before don't write I limit.

My satisfaction consider decrease I'm, almost I, don't know what it is it's almost a forward I'm like an N ways faster increases I.

Guess through the mail.

But what you're saying is by fire reacting by erecting their heart.

What we can do here is, we can actually lower the border and create episode of a pool of of often of ecstasy at the bottom.

So I collect semicolon X exponentially.

Increasing pleasure, as you go.

Let me tell you over the last two bites of this thing are absolutely orgasmic, I mean it they really are there really are I lost too I mean, I wish I could share it with you, but you know, you're all the way over there and I'm all the way over here.

And so one day with his buddies one day, one day, of course, all right I'll.

See you later like like about 20 minutes ago, you were saying something you couldn't, remember something that was the conversation we were having we had that brief I'd quickly spoke to Schleck about hot pockets.

And when we're back on the surface, I am, yeah.


Sure, I mean, I, don't know, why? You're I don't know why you're talking that hot pocket so much can we move on you.


What is in hot pockets? ›


Which Hot Pocket was made first? ›

In 1980, Chef America introduced its first stuffed sandwich, the Tastywich, the predecessor of the Hot Pocket. Hot Pockets supplanted Tastywiches in 1983, first sold to restaurants because they were easier to break into than retail stores.

How old are Hot Pockets? ›

Hot Pockets® — two words that are impossible to read without singing the jingle. That's because we've been satisfying with a variety of flavors since 1983. And we're always cooking up something new to stop any hunger.

Why are Hot Pockets unhealthy? ›

Aside from the sugar and saturated fats that make up the roughly 300 calorie count per pocket, they also contain a handful of preservatives, additives, and modified substances. Some of the ingredients you should pay attention to in Hot Pockets include sodium phosphate, carrageenan, sodium nitrate, and soy lecithin.

Why are Hot Pockets banned in other countries? ›

Did you know that when you eat them, they simply stay in your stomach and don't break down? Preservatives are put in foods to give them a longer shelf life, but their shelf life extends even after we eat them. Some of the chemicals found in our processed foods are so dangerous, they are illegal in other countries.

What meat is in Hot Pockets? ›

These Hot Pockets are made with pepperoni, sausage, Canadian style bacon, and hamburger, plus cheddar, reduced fat mozzarella, reduced fat provolone and Parmesan cheeses wrapped in a seasoned garlic buttery crust.

Are Hot Pockets highly processed? ›

Hot Pockets are one of the most divisive foods in the freezer aisle. These little turnovers, which crisp up to melty perfection after a few minutes in the microwave, are certainly "processed" by just about every definition of the term, but they're also an inexpensive, guilty pleasure that actually tastes good.

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